Minters Benefits:

  • The images are designed to be printed on canvas, so the original minters of the works will be distributed prints on canvas’ of their purchase, sized 18”x32”. (An $80-$100 value) Information from the minters will be collected in the Grey_hart Discord so printing and shipping can happen as quickly as possible

  • Original Minters will also receive another physical printout with a text corresponding to their portrait, that contains either a poem/journal entry by Grey_hart, or lyrics to a song by another artist that prompted the idea for the visuals. Along with receiving the physical copy of the text, an NFT of the text page will also be airdropped to the original minters. (This airdrop text page will have 1 of the utilities of the main artwork)

  • Another benefit of being an original minter will be receiving a signed copy of the EP “Lov3 &_l0ss” on Vinyl

  • There will be an option for profit sharing if you would like the merch store to sell physical canvas prints of your NFT (30% of profit generated to the minter, 15% lifetime after sale)[Canvas pricing will start static and scale with popularity]

  • On top of the physical artwork copies, sneak peeks and airdrop benefits for being an original minter, you’ll also have whitelist access to all future Grey_hart and ABI NFT drops

  • Finally, Original Minters of the first series of 101 Broken Heart Nft’s will retain ALL OF their **Holder’s benefits(next page), even after selling the NFT. (A token of my appreciation to those who truly believe in the project, and helping with the founding of the true vision❤️)

More specific benefits to be listed soon: (I.e. Discord badge names)

All physical rewards besides

prints and discord badges to be distributed after 100% mint completion.

Badge update and print distribution will be handled in a discord channel on the server, upon receipt of your mint details. (Wallet address, TX id, etc)