Where's the money going?

The funds raised from the NFTs (Mints & royalties) will be routed from a smart contract towards 4 different wallets:

  1. To the AFSP 35% (The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

  2. To AstronautBoyz 5% (for Grey_hart promotion)

  3. To Ebisu's Bay 15% (for Launchpad and NFT Project promotion)

  4. To Grey_hart’s personal wallet 45%- to be broken down into the following categories:

  • 20% to minter/holder rewards and benefits(physical prints, vinyls, merch boxes, concert tickets, discord giveaways, etc.)

  • 7% to obtaining larger, more well known feature artists (for songs)

  • 8% to enhancing video and song production quality

  • 10% to Grey_hart for Broken Hearts NFT project creation

-Post mint royalties (10%) will be split 50/50 between Grey_hart and the AFSP via smart contract-

More Mint Teasers

(W/O final touches)